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Quality machines built to the highest global standards supported by a world wide service organization

Grafotronic is a fast growing business. We have supplied a large number of machines to label printing companies in over 50 different countries around the world.

The Grafotronic concept unite high quality and optimized price/performance ratio. We only use well known suppliers for easy service and high quality. Almost all parts of our machines can be found locally and our engineers are able to monitor your machine from our factory for instant support wherever you need us.


Our products

CL– High speed Converting Lines

  • Unwind module for large rolls
  • Heavy duty, die cutting units
  • Servo semi-turret rewinder
  • Automatic servo turret

DCL – Inkjet press

  • Unique  linear servo buffer 
  • Avoids waste or missing labels 
  • Can be equipped with UV Flexo stationsas well as laminating and cold foil units
  • Combined rotary/semi rotary die cutting station 

Compact Non-stop Digital Finishing

  • Quick change-over & non-stop production
  • Semi-rotary 30 m/min & rotary 220 m/min
  • Non-stop buffer
  • Non-stop semi turret

Inspection machines: HI-Series

  • HI Premium with latest servo technology 300 m/min and wifi controlled slitting system
  • HI Advanced – servo driven inspection machine
  • HI Performance – high speed slitter/rewinder

Pharma Inspection machines: Pharma Re-Inspection

  • Bi-directional Inspection table
  • High speed integrated trolley servo buffer
  • Servo rewinding module with direct servo
  • 100 % Inspection module

Pharma Inspection machines: DOCTOR

  • Unwind unit with with lay-on roller for film
  • Bi-directional Servo driven stable movement back / forward
  • For sleeves and wrap-arounds
  • Inspection table 

Classic Line: 280DC – Die cutting machine

  • Die cutting in 220 m/min
  • Roll/roll or roll/sheet
  • Register for pre-printed labels
  • Semi-turret rewinder

Classic Line: 280 DCP – Compact Printing

  • Compact printing press for 1-2 colours UV/IR
  • Overprinting available 100 m/min
  • Pneumatic turnbar
  • Double die cutting modules 

DCL – Digital Converting Lines

  • Quick change-over & non-stop production
  • Semi-rotary 45 m/min & rotary 220 m/min
  • Non-stop buffer
  • Non-stop semi turret with automatic cut and start

CF – Compact Finishing

  • Unwind unit for rolls up to 600 mm [24"] diameter 
  • Flexo Printing Unit for printing / varnishing / priming IR Dryer / UV Dryer
  • Single, heavy duty, die cutting module
  • Semi-rotary function 

CLD – Compact Die Cutting

  • Quick-change die cutting system
  • Large unwind unit
  • Latest slitting solutions
  • Semi turret with Autocut and automatic start of new cycle
  • Die cutting in 220m/min

Pharma Inspection machines: R-Series

  • Table of 1 meter for Ink-Jet or Braille printers
  • Re-Inspection of labels & booklets
  • 100% inspection systems
  • Integrated trolley buffer

Pharma Inspection machines: Pharmaline

  • Brand new buffer technique
  • Inline Braille-jet and inkjet numbering
  • Different webpasses for different products
  • Controller with touch screen 

Classic Line: SR-Slitter / Rewinder

  • For labels, film and cardboard
  • All slitting systems available
  • 280/380/440/530 mm widths
  • Semi turret rewinder

Classic Line: 380/440/530 DC – Die cutting machines

  • Heavy duty die cutting machines
  • 220 m/min for blanks
  • 180 m/min in register
  • 380, 440 & 530 widths 


  • New development for extremely quick set up
  • Each knife is individually driven and controlled by wifi
  • No cables no plugs - just wifi
  • All knives move to the right position simultaneously