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Quality machines built to the highest global standards supported by a world wide service organization

Grafotronic is a fast growing business. We have supplied a large number of machines to label printing companies in over 50 different countries around the world.

The Grafotronic concept unite high quality and optimized price/performance ratio. We only use well known suppliers for easy service and high quality. Almost all parts of our machines can be found locally and our engineers are able to monitor your machine from our factory for instant support wherever you need us.


Our products

Inspection machines: SR-Series

  • Accurate inspection and slitting at 250 m/min [820 ft/min]
  • For labels, cardboard and mono-film
  • Semi-turret – up to 80% less down time

Digital Finishing: DCL-Series

  • Complete digital finishing line
  • Fully modular
  • Semi-rotary die cutting 45 m/min [150 ft/min]
  • Rotary modes : 180 m [590 ft] in register, 220 m [720 ft] blanks

Digital Finishing: DCL-Inkjet press

  • High speed digital printing
  • Fully modular
  • Semi rotary & rotary modes

Converting: DC-Series 

  • High speed production of blank labels
  • Die cutting almost all labels in 220 m/min [720 ft/min]
  • Die cutting in register 180 m/min [590 ft/min]
  • New semi automatic “non-stop” turret

Inspection machines: DOCTOR

  • High speed reverse machine / insection machine
  • Full servo machine
  • For labels and wrap around
  • Repair and finishing in one machine

Pharma: Pharmaline

  • 100 % inspection and personalization of Pharma labels and booklets at high speed
  • Handles the most difficult booklets, even multi wide
  • With inline Braille, inkjet numbering, inspection and slitting
  • Modular system 

Inspection machines: HI-Series

  • New modern design made for operators
  • Integrated 100% inspection system
  • Max. mech. machine speed: 300 m/min [990 ft/min]

Digital Finishing: CF-Compact Finishing

  • Entry level machine possible to expand
  • Semi-rotary die cutting 35m/min [110 ft/min]
  • Rotary modes: 180 m [590 ft] in register, 220 m [720 ft] blanks
  • Modular, possible to expand

Digital Finishing: R-Series

  • Ink-Jet printing
  • Braille printing
  • Re-inspection
  • Integrated trolley buffer

Converting: CL-Series

  • High volume non-stop production of labels
  • Speeds: 180 m [590 ft] in register, 220 m [720 ft] blanks
  • Fully modular, easy to expand

Pharma: 380 Pharma 

  • 100% Re-Inspection features with high speed linear buffer
  • Line clearance unwind unit
  • Ink-jet Module for backside numbering  (Inspected)    

TT250: table top rewinder

  • Bi-directional run with dual motors
  • Fluent tension and speed control
  • Label and meter counter
  • 8 technical specifications